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Composition Shingles Expertly Applied

presidential TL composition roof shingles photo Composition roofing shingles combine a fiberglass mat with an asphalt coating covered with colored granules. The shingles are nailed to the roof deck and bond to each other through a system of adherence strips. Composition roofs are great looking, have many style, come in a wide variety of colors, and are low maintenance.

We use CertainTeedtm composition roofing shingles, exclusively. CertainTeed provides a wide range of styles, grades, and colors of shingles to meet any need.

Masters Roofing has the highest level of certification from CertainTeed that is only achieved by a select number of roofers in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. In order to achieve this level, Masters Roofing meets and maintains the following standards:

Masters Roofing measures its workers on quality and compliance rather than speed of installation. With speed based installation methods workers may (1) fail to remove adherence strips, (2) skip nails, and (3) hammer nails too deep or too shallow. By measuring quality and manufacturer compliance we assure ourselves and the homeowner with a roof that will stay stable for a long time to come.

Whether you live in Bothell, Lynnwood, or Edmonds we can help! Give the Masters a call and we will show you a new standard of Customer Service