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Masters Roofing was established in 1978 and offers custom Bothell Roofing, Windows, and Siding. We are a highly Recommended North King and Snohomish County 5 Star Roofing Company. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

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One of the best Bothell roofers?

Of course, we think we are one of the best Bothell roofers and many of our customers tell us that too. We are pretty proud of that. There are a number of reasons why we might be.

First of all, we are not the cheapest roofer. The cheapest roofer is the person that gets in and out of the business quickly. They have low/no overhead. They contract out everything to others are don’t really know how good the workers are. They don’t worry about paying state-mandated insurance on their workers, nor do they do training or enforce safety requirements and proper roofing methods. They often pay by the shingle put down and sometimes cash payments mean not having to pay state and federal taxes. They are very cheap, may or may not install a roof properly and will most likely fold the company after a few years before failures start to occur. Then they will pop up under a different name.

We stand up to scrutiny

That is why we are not the cheapest. What we believe we are is the best value roofer. We work with you. We pay our workers in a way to incent them to do great work. Turnover is low and so we know the quality of the work they do. We do training regularly on new materials, techniques, and products. We perform quality control on the site and make sure everything is ship shape.

We have been in business a long time and have built a reputation in Bothell. Roofers may come and go but we remain firm. We keep our job backlog loaded because our customers refer us to friends, neighbors, and family. If you want a cheap roofer there are a number of them around. If you want a good value then we are the Bothell roofer who will do you right. Give us a call. Call our references. See for yourself. We stand up to scrutiny.

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