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  • All Types of Composite Roofing including Presidential TL
  • All Types of Flat & Low Slope Roofing
  • CertainTeed Certified Shingle Master Installation
  • Serving with Excellence Since 1978
  • Residential & Commercial Roofers, Everett
  • 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair Service
  • Edmonds, Mill Creek, Everett, Everett

Everett Roofers located in Mill Creek!

Masters Roofing is an Everett roofer disguising itself as a Mill Creek resident. We have our roots in Everett! We were located in Everett for many years. Even now with our offices in Mill Creek we are only a stones throw from Everett. More importantly MANY of our customers are in Everett. Roofers tend to gravitate to the East Side; big houses, big roofs, lots of money. Not us. We are Everett/Snohomish County born and committed. We understand Everett roofing needs, customers and homes.

We know Everett is solidly middle class with the values that go with it. We Everettites expect hard work, a good job and reasonable compensation. We know that it is not about the price. It's about the deliverable. Just as our customers are artisans, whether assembling a Boeing aircraft or comforting a hospital patient, we Everettites expect artisan results with a fair and just price. A job well done for fair compensation.

We like to think of ourselves as Everett roofers that fit the community. We are a hard working group that takes pride in a quality roof installation. Our skills mean that we spread underlayment evenly and flat. We always start with a proper starter row. Each shingle row is properly aligned. Roofing nails are properly spaced. Each nail is driven true to the proper depth; not too high and not too low. New drip edging lines every eave. Rake edging is in placed run properly under the underlayment. Venting is spaced properly with the amount of ventilation set. Valleys are flashed with wide aluminum sheeting wide enough to avoid backflow and nails place well away from the chute. In other words, everything is done correctly for a long lasting roof with quality you want from Everett roofers. We are there to support you long after your roof is installed.

We are a small team of high quality dedicated individuals. We have been doing roofing for many years. We are still small enough to give you top level service, access to the owner, and pride of ownership. In fact, we would love to have you stop by our offices and meet the team: Everett roofers with a purpose. Stop by or call today.